Repairing or Restoring Old Glass: Tips for Homeowners

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Benefits of Frameless Showers in a Home Bathroom

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When renovating a bathroom, you need to choose what kind of shower you want. One possibility is a glass enclosure. You could install a fully framed model or opt for frameless shower screens. Here are several benefits of a frameless design. Sense of Space Fully framed showers outline the screens with metal borders, giving the enclosure a prominent square appearance. Conversely, frameless showers only feature smaller hinges and brackets. So, when you look around the bathroom, you’ll have a sense of flowing open space. Read More»

Why you need to hire a professional glass repair company

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Whether you have a broken windowpane, a damaged sliding panel or maybe a shattered glass door, calling a glass repair expert is your best bet. Glass is especially tricky to handle. If handled poorly, especially as a DIY project, it can lead to breaks and the possibility of serious injury if those tiny pieces are left behind when cleaning up. For your safety and that of your loved ones, always avoid doing the repairs on your own. Read More»

Benefits of Tinting Your Home's Windows

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If you’re looking for a way to improve your house’s energy efficiency and make it more comfortable, you might consider home window tinting. To learn more about the benefits of adding home window tinting, read on. Minimises Solar Heat Gain During the summer, sun shining on glass window panes can send waves of heat into your home, making it uncomfortably hot and forcing you to turn up the air conditioning. You can block a degree of this solar heat by tinting the glass. Read More»