Repairing or Restoring Old Glass: Tips for Homeowners

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A Few Important Tips When Choosing a Mosaic Tile for Bathrooms or Kitchens

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A mosaic tile is one that has a mixture of tile colors, rather than a monochrome tile. A mosaic can be in a certain pattern so that the colors form a type of picture, or they can simply be mixed together for more depth and visual appeal versus a tile of the same color. Adding a mosaic tile of any sort to a kitchen or bathroom is a bit tricky, more so than adding standard monochrome tiles. Read More»

Glass Repairs | 3 Instant Actions To Fix Broken Window Glass Cracks In The Interim

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When you live on a lower floor, you’re destined to face a broken glass windowpane at some point, whether it is from an errant cricket ball or from a sudden branch falling against your window. Permanent glass repairs are impractical, so you will naturally need to replace your glass windows entirely to stay protected. But before the glass repair professionals arrive, there are some instant actions you can undertake to fix cracks in broken window glass in the interim. Read More»