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Benefits of Frameless Showers in a Home Bathroom

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When renovating a bathroom, you need to choose what kind of shower you want. One possibility is a glass enclosure. You could install a fully framed model or opt for frameless shower screens. Here are several benefits of a frameless design.

Sense of Space

Fully framed showers outline the screens with metal borders, giving the enclosure a prominent square appearance. Conversely, frameless showers only feature smaller hinges and brackets. So, when you look around the bathroom, you'll have a sense of flowing open space. If you have a small bathroom that you want to appear bigger, a frameless shower will help give the illusion of extra room. The clean minimalism of frameless designs also highlights attractive tiles in the shower.

Customized Design

Fully framed showers are available in pre-manufactured shapes and sizes. One potential problem is that these standard configurations might not make the most of your bathroom. On the other hand, a frameless shower will give you the freedom to construct your enclosure as you prefer. They consist of glass panels that can be connected in various ways with hinges and brackets. You could build a vast shower or a narrow one, choosing whatever is best for your space.

Easy to Clean

On a framed shower, moisture often becomes trapped around the edges where the frame and glass meet, causing mould and mildew to fester. So, to keep these showers clean, you need to wipe around the rims of the screens. However, a frameless shower has smaller hardware pieces that offer fewer trouble spots. Thus, they're quicker to clean and more hygienic.


Typically, you'll pay more for a frameless shower than for a fully framed model. Because frameless showers don't have as much hardware, they use thicker glass screens that cost more. The brackets and hinge hardware must also be high quality to hold the solid glass panels together.

If you want a mid-range model, you could opt for a semi-frameless design instead, which has limited framing around the outer edges of the enclosure. With less hardware, a semi-frameless evokes the seamlessness of frameless designs but to a lesser degree.

Thus, frameless showers provide numerous benefits. Your bathroom will feel larger and more open because of the transparent design. You can construct the enclosure to make the most of your specific bathroom layout. Finally, these showers are easy to clean as they have less framing, which provides a common trouble spot for mould and mildew growth.