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Benefits of Tinting Your Home's Windows

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If you're looking for a way to improve your house's energy efficiency and make it more comfortable, you might consider home window tinting. To learn more about the benefits of adding home window tinting, read on.

Minimises Solar Heat Gain

During the summer, sun shining on glass window panes can send waves of heat into your home, making it uncomfortably hot and forcing you to turn up the air conditioning. You can block a degree of this solar heat by tinting the glass. The rooms will be cooler and more comfortable without you having to draw blinds or curtains. Some tints, such as bronze and grey, can reduce more infrared radiation than other colours like blue or green. Ask your installer which colours might be best for your home.

Lowers Air Conditioning Costs

Window tinting will help lower air conditioning costs, as your home will be cooler. The ongoing energy savings will offset the cost of tinting the windows in the first place. Plus, the temperature in your home will be more consistent and even, and it won't have hot spots near the windows that air conditioning can't fully eliminate.

Reduces Glare

Wide, expansive windows allow beautiful, open views into a home. But they can also allow overly bright sunshine to create glares. Glare can trigger headaches and eye strain, especially if you're working on a computer near a window. Tinted glass will soften the light, making your home more comfortable. You'll be able to enjoy the incoming light flow and view, whether you're working or relaxing at home. To check how the panes will affect the overall light, note the visible transmittance (VT) of different glass pieces. Higher numbers indicate that more light is transmitted.

Preserves Your Furniture

Because tinted glass hinders UV light transmission, it will help preserve your furniture from fading and discolouring. If you have a sofa with several seats, some parts may sit in direct sunshine, while others don't. After a while, the set can look mismatched, as some parts look older than the other pieces. Or else, your carpeting may develop patches of discolouration where the sun shines. You can avoid your furniture becoming ruined in this way by adding window tinting.

Offers Extra Privacy

Tinting can also create extra privacy. If rooms in your home face the street, you can leave blinds and curtains open without worrying that passersby can clearly see inside. Tinted windows enhance security as criminals won't so easily be able to case your home by peering in the windows.