Repairing or Restoring Old Glass: Tips for Homeowners

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Glass Repairs | 3 Instant Actions To Fix Broken Window Glass Cracks In The Interim

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When you live on a lower floor, you're destined to face a broken glass windowpane at some point, whether it is from an errant cricket ball or from a sudden branch falling against your window. Permanent glass repairs are impractical, so you will naturally need to replace your glass windows entirely to stay protected. But before the glass repair professionals arrive, there are some instant actions you can undertake to fix cracks in broken window glass in the interim.

Clean Up Glass Shards Thoroughly

Protect your hands with a pair of rubber work gloves and inspect the crack properly by pressing your hand against the glass pane to remove any loose glass shards from the surface. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the splattered glass shards from around the room. Make sure the glass surface and ground around you is free of all loose shards to keep everyone in your family safe from injury.

Apply Large Pieces Of Plastic With Clear Packing Tape Over The Crack 

If the glass crack is sturdy, then your temporary glass repairs simply require you to cover the cracked area with several layers of thick plastic measured to size. Plastic is readily available anywhere, so you can easily use this against the crack. Tape the plastic edges into place using clear packing tape. Apply tape as generously as possible to ensure that the plastic doesn't come out until the professionals arrive.

Secure The Outer Side Of Your Window

Securing the inside of your windowpane isn't enough because the damage usually takes place on the outside. Follow the same procedure outdoors for covering up the crack with plastic and securing it with clear packing tape. Rub the tape to the glass with your fingernail to smoothen out any visible air bubbles. This will help secure the tape more robustly against the glass. If you plan to secure the plastic edges to a wooden window frame, then you can even use a staple gun for a stronger hold. Alternatively, if aesthetics don't worry you, you may want to use a scrap of wood on your outside window to board up cracks by nailing it against the window frame. This will protect your home more securely from potential break-ins because burglars won't have easy access to the glass crack.

Since you cannot seal a glass crack permanently, your best bet is to secure the crack in the interim to prevent it from getting bigger and shattering your glass completely. Once you have sealed the glass crack, make sure you get professional glass repairs immediately to keep your home secure.