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Benefits of Glass Splashbacks in the Home

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Because the splashback spans the vertical space above the countertop, it resides in a highly prominent position that draws the eye as soon as you walk into the kitchen. Thus, to do justice to your decor, you need to pick a flattering colour and also a texture to withstand daily kitchen life. That's why glass makes such an excellent choice — as the benefits below explain.

Protective and Easy to Clean

Beating a cake mix, squeezing oranges and blending smoothies all send bits of food and liquids splattering onto the splashback. Because it primarily protects the walls and captures this debris, a splashback needs to form an easy-clean surface. Glass does so with a smooth area, free of crevices and grout lines. Each large panel connects seamlessly to the next. Conversely, tiles have many grout lines which trap and accumulate grime and mildew. Once you wipe the glass with a recommended cleaner, it will gleam again.

You'll Only Pay Once

So many materials and appliances in the home require ongoing maintenance costs. For instance, a stone tiled splashback requires regular sealing, which you have to pay for — likewise with other home surfaces and appliances like air conditioning. All these upkeep expenses accumulate to eat away at your saving and spending money. With glass splashbacks, however, you only have to pay once: for the initial installation. After which your backsplash will virtually look after itself.

Endless Design Options

Glass backsplashes offer an endless variety of colours and designs. You pick the paint hue with which to cover the glass-back, choosing from endless sample chips. Like when painting the walls of a home, you'll have many shades and tones of whites, neutrals, vivid hues like cobalt blue or fire-engine red and other muted colours. 

Alternatively, you could cover the glass with a print: a beach landscape, a cityscape or a botanical print. You could opt for a silhouette or a detailed design. These choices allow you to personalise the splashback. With other materials, like tiles, you pick from the available options. You don't have the choice to virtually design your creation.

They're Durable

Splashbacks use toughened glass as ruled by building regulations. This safety glass undergoes a tempering process of rapid heating and cooling, which renders it approximately four times stronger than standard glass. Thus, once you install the splashback, it typically lasts for many years. As the paint or print covers the back of the splashback, you won't affect it when cleaning the surface.

For more information, contact contractors who install glass splashbacks.