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6 Reasons You Should Install Frameless Glass Shower Doors

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The most unique feature of frameless glass shower doors is the lack of any metal framing and hardware. While framed glass doors use rubber, metal and other material to secure the glass to the edges of the door, frameless glass doors don't. This unique characteristic allows them to blend into any bathroom decor style with unobstructed transparency. 

Since they don't have a frame to rely on, they use a type of tempered glass that's much thicker to ensure durability and functionality. If you're considering a bathroom renovation, the sleek upgrade will definitely give your bathroom a luxurious feel. 

Here are six reasons you should install frameless glass shower doors. 

They Are Fully Customisable  

Frameless shower doors are fully customised for your bathroom, unlike traditional framed doors that are mass-produced in standard sizes. In order to avoid water leaks, these glass panels are made to fit the dimensions of your space, allowing for tailored precision. 

They Have a Modern Luxurious Aesthetic

Modern bathrooms are all about flow, openness and luxury. Frameless glass shower doors bring together the decorative elements of your bathroom such as tiles, marble, granite, bath lighting, trendy showerheads and contemporary bathroom fixtures to create a harmonious relaxing mood. 

While framed glass doors can sometimes look bulky with their rubber and metal seals, frameless doors give off a modern sleek and trendy aesthetic. 

They Are Free of Corrosion

One of the common reasons for the replacement of the traditional metal framed doors is corrosion. Without any hardware, frameless glass shower doors eliminate this risk completely.  This allows you to save on replacement costs in the long-term. Your frameless glass shower doors will look new for years to come. 

They Open Up Your Bathroom Space

Without a bulky frame to segment the bathroom, frameless glass shower doors create an optical illusion of a much bigger space. While they don't add any extra space to the room, the transparent glass creates an airy, open feeling that makes the bathroom look much larger than it is. 

Wide Variety

Frameless glass shower doors come in a variety of designs, styles, and colours to choose from. You can choose from various styles like boxy, oval, circular or triangular and decide if you want a sliding door or one that will swing. You can also choose from designs like clear, coloured, frosted class, textured or request a custom design tailored to meet your bathroom needs. 

Regardless of your bathroom size, you can get a frameless glass door. 

They Are Durable 

Frameless showers are made from the finest-quality glass to ensure they are safe and structurally sound. They are sturdy and tough. They can serve you for a very long period since they don't break easily. Since they don't have a metal frame like the traditional framed glass shower doors, they don't run the risk of rust or corrosion. 

Frameless glass shower doors are surprisingly easy to maintain, and since they don't have tracks, there is no channel for mould or mildew to grow.