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Kitchen Splashback | 3 Tips to Compare Between Tiled and Glass Splashbacks

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Splashbacks are excellent kitchen additions because they prevent food and oil spills from setting directly on walls. A kitchen splashback is usually an easy-to-wipe surface that is impermeable to any type of stain, apart from being resistant to heat and moisture. Popular kitchen splashback materials are glass, tiles, stainless steel and timber. If you have narrowed down your choices to tiles and glass, this guide is designed to help you compare between them for making your final kitchen splashback decision.

Integration Into Kitchen Style 

A splashback should ideally integrate into the existing style and décor of your kitchen. If you decide to choose tiled splashbacks, you should ideally choose similar colours to your floors, walls and benchtops. Even if you can't get the same shade, you will need to choose something close to give the kitchen a cohesive decorative finish. This may prove to be a limitation when you cannot find matching or even similar shades because your splashback may end up sticking out like a sore thumb. Alternatively, a glass splashback is colourless and transparent, so it can fit into any decorative style with ease. The versatility of glass gives it an edge over tiles when it comes to integrating with existing kitchen styles.

Ease of Maintenance

While most splashbacks are built with ease-of-maintenance in mind, some are easier to clean than others. For example, tiled kitchen splashbacks are usually installed in small squares and are surrounded by grout lines to protect the wall surface. While the tiles are easy to clean, grout will require a thorough scrub from time to time. This can prove to be a herculean effort for those who hate the idea of additional housework. Alternatively, glass comes in a single slab with no lines or joints on its surface, making this choice enormously easy to clean. If you want a maintenance-free solution, a glass splashback is an ideal choice.

Infusion of Space

When you have a small kitchen, you'll want to integrate a splashback that will give the impression of space. Lighter colours work best when it comes to tiles because they open up the space to make it seem bigger. On the other hand, glass splashbacks bounce light off their surface to give the kitchen an effortlessly spacious feel. You can also install a mirror glass splashback to make the kitchen appear bigger than it is. If you are looking to enhance the feeling of space in your kitchen, a glass kitchen splashback emerges as the winner.

While there's no doubt that tile splashbacks look stunning, glass is clearly the kitchen splashback winner when you consider these factors.