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Glass Repairs | 3 Steps To Fix A Small Hairline Crack in Your Glass Shower

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While shower glass is designed to be strong and resilient, every so often you may be unlucky enough to face the issue of hairline cracks in the glass. These hairline cracks may be small enough for glass repairs, instead of complete glass replacement. This guide is designed to help you undertake DIY glass repairs to fix hairline or small glass cracks.

Clean The Glass

Before starting with the repair process, remove any glass shards from the shower area with a vacuum cleaner. Be sure to clean the glass thoroughly so that you have a smooth and clean surface to work on. This also ensures that the epoxy resin adheres to the glass surface. Rinse the glass and apply soap water with a sponge. Be careful when sponging against the cracked area to avoid injuring yourself. Let the glass dry thoroughly before proceeding with the glass repairs. You may have to wait a few hours before moving on to the next step to ensure a completely dry surface.

Apply the Epoxy Resin to the Glass

You will find epoxy resin easily at most home improvement stores. Choose an adhesive that consists of a hardener and epoxy resin. You will find clear formulas that are ideal for glass. The resin and hardener will react to produce a rigid, tough and strong bond when applied on your shower glass. You'll ideally want a quick-setting solution that is both shrink and water resistant for your glass repairs. Apply this epoxy resin solution around the hairline crack. Take care to cover the two edges of the crack generously with the resin. Let this epoxy resin application dry for a few hours before sanding down.

Sand Down

Make sure your bathroom is well ventilated throughout this process to allow the epoxy resin to dry more efficiently on the glass. Once the epoxy resin has dried on the glass, you can sand it down using medium-grit sandpaper, so that it is flat along the glass. This prevents any protrusions on your glass shower. If you are unsatisfied with your first attempt, you can repeat these steps before using your shower area once again. Sanding down will neatly smooth out the epoxy resin during your glass repairs.

These steps for glass repairs are only meant to help you fix minor or hairline cracks in your shower glass. If your cracks are too large for repairs, then you will need to replace the entire glass panel.