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Considerations for Selecting a Kitchen Glass Splashback

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The splashback is an important feature in the kitchen environment, so you should be diligent when selecting the ideal product. Basically, the splashback is designed as a protective surface to cover the kitchen wall and prevent contact with water, grease and soapy liquids. Moreover, the feature can be used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. Splashbacks can be fabricated from diverse materials, but glass is a popular choice among homeowners. The material is favourable because the surface is easy to clean, hygienic and heat-resistant. If you want to install kitchen glass splashbacks in your kitchen, consider these simple factors before purchasing an ideal product.

Glass Material Type

There are different types of glass materials which are ideal for installation as splashbacks in the kitchen. The right choice for your home should be strong and durable to mitigate the inconvenience associated with replacement and repairs. Toughened glass is a suitable material in the fabrication of splashbacks. This glass type is processed through controlled thermal and even chemical treatments. The special manufacturing techniques make toughened glass stronger than the regular variety.

If this splashback breaks, the glass will crumble into small chunks, instead of jagged pieces. You should also inquire about laminated safety glass splashbacks from your supplier. This material is made using two or more layers of glass which are joined using a polymer interlayer. This is an advantageous choice because the glass will not shatter when the splashback is broken. The surface will form a spider web cracking pattern, protecting you from dangerous shards.


The colour of the splashback will affect the visual impact of your entire kitchen space. In addition, this will affect the cleaning requirements since some colours will make splatters and smudges more prominent. White is a neutral choice, so it will blend in with any type of kitchen décor. It is also perfect for opening up the room and giving an illusion of more space. If you want bolder colours, you should consider choosing bright hues such as red, purple and blue. These can change your kitchen dramatically, giving a minimalist space a more interesting twist. Black is popular because it is understated and classic, but smudges will be very apparent.


You should think about the practical sizing aspects of your glass splashback before making your order. Ideally, it is prudent to engage an expert to measure the dimensions and determine the best shape for the feature. In addition, consider whether you need the splashback around the cooker only or at the sink area as well.