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Why Choose Glass for a Kitchen's Countertops and Backsplash?

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When it's time to have your kitchen renovated or if you're having a new home built, you might consider having glass added for the countertops and backsplash. A glazier or glass specialist can help you to choose the right type of glass and have it installed in your kitchen. Before you call such a professional, note a few reasons why glass is such a good choice and what information to discuss with the contractor before you have the work done.

1. Glass is very eco-friendly

You may be able to find recycled pieces of glass to use for your kitchen, and if you want to remodel the kitchen down the road, the glass you use now can be very easily recyclable. Glass can be cut for new projects, or ground down and then retreated and reused very easily. Talk to your glazier about using recycled glass if possible.

The materials needed to make glass are also very abundant and can be harvested easily, and often found locally so they don't need to be shipped or trucked in from a distance. Materials like granite and other natural stone involve blasting and other harsh processes for harvesting, and may need to be trucked in from a distance. This shipping means pollution and emissions, making glass a more eco-friendly choice.

2. Glass can go with any décor

An earth tone granite may have a very traditional look, whereas a black shade of granite can look very modern. Butcher-block countertops have a rustic, country look. Slate can make a home seem very high-end. However, glass countertops and a glass backsplash can go with any décor.

For example, if you add stainless steel appliances, the kitchen will look modern. If you choose white appliances, the kitchen may look very traditional. Glass is a neutral choice that won't need to be changed when you want to change your décor and which can be worked around your kitchen's design, rather than having your kitchen needing to work around your countertop materials.

3. Glass can be backlit

You can add spotlights to a kitchen to make it look brighter, but this simply puts light on the countertop surfaces. Glass can be backlit, meaning that light can be added behind glass. If you choose colored glass, this can make the color stand out even in the dark, or it can highlight clear glass and make it look bright and clean. This backlighting can be a perfect choice for small or dark kitchens where the countertops might otherwise absorb what little light there is. Ultimately, the backsplash can make the space seem larger and brighter even without overhead or natural lights.

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